Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Strange and Crazy Man Who Feels No Pain

Whether anyone noticed that the Swedish money huh? : O
interesting, I hinted about this a few days ago. But interesting. Each has his hobbies. They probably did not even notice if they die.

Reminiscent of someone I saw the video for a very long time ago with Cradle of Filth, I think it was something with Crazy Crikus type, can not remember the name, but there was a guy in get this PARTICULAR lassen who made all sorts of weird stuff ^ ^

# 5 what does it Well, this make? haha
When Ash from Pokemon turns his hat around, you know shit about to go dow

it was the only Norwegian money. Norwegian Green 50 patch, the Norwegian blue 200 patch, Norwegian orange / gold, 500 patch, Norwegian pink / purple patch 100. ago on a 2 pictures, it is theSwedish 20 patch by Selma on.
It is most Norwegian money for the pictures.
Fakirs fakir school comes from pain solution in Oslo
# 3 and # 7 It was the Swedish money on a picture, yes, the rest were foreign

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