Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wonderful and Spectacularly Creative Ads

A Veritable Fort Worth of Eye-Candy!

Many talented photographers and artists work with advertisers to create visual masterpieces, specially designed to make you LOOK! READ! AND NOTICE! So it's really rewarding to take another look on the current best and most creative works in this area. Make sure to check out the rest of our extensive collection - Cool Ads Series.

Spectacular wide-format thrills, monsters and disasters

Swiss Skydive Parachute School

"What will it take before we respect the planet?"

Bosch Refrigeration Technology: Fresh Meat from the Stone Age

War Games (Downtown seen through gamer's eyes):

Psychological terror

Another twist on weird activities: "No Fuel, No War"

Choppers... "Wrong Sound, Wrong Image"

Mice in your house? Don’t let them get comfortable

Unexpected Weirdness:

"We know what a pimple can do to you." - Derma Master:

More playing with faces - Baby Faces this time, from Schick

A couple of recent creatives from Thomas Herbrich:

A miserable predicament, from the creative mind of Koen DeMuynck:

Other relationships are not much better

Here is something which may be not quite "safe for work", but pretty hilarious - The Orgy of the Senses, click

Viral Street and Urban Ads

McDonalds coffee lamp post and Coca-Cola Crate Man

Reverse Gtraffiti Project in San Francisco

Many holes, with many hours to dril

(images via 1, 2)

1st Bank: We Care About Small Business

Suicide Hotline (left) and Security Glass

Homegrown business (something that Calvin and his friend Hobbes would do):

Unusual use of floor space:

Panasonic Lumix «8X Life campaign» (AKQA London):

Meadow Fresh «Grass On The Railway Station» (Publicis Mojo New Zealand):

King Kong Was Here

Assorted Advertisement Riches

Canon Underwater Camera:

Creative Bar Codes have been covered by Dark Roasted Blend before, but here is another great place to look for me (and perhaps even order some custom ones for your company) - Vanity Bar Codes:

"You either love it, or hate it"

Stay Young! t-shirts by Evian

Wide-angle lenses... get it?

"What Goes Around, Comes Around" (Global Coalition for Peace):

On the other hand, there are ads which are simply revolting, if not unnecessary: here is "Time to Cut the Cord"

Some outdoor ads are downright scary

Another stressful day for a dog

And finally, the image that's really impossible to ignore - "See the Unseen"

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