Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crazy Photoshop mistakes in magazines

I love Photoshop because it’s one of the most useful photo-editing applications for both web and print designs. With some fair amount of knowledge, you can manipulate any photo and turn them into anything you want.

However when Photoshop falls in the hand of careless designers, poor jobs are created. Obvious flaws are missed and when designs are printed it leads to laughter and sometimes embarrassments. In today’s article, we’d like to show you the worst of Photoshop flaws in magazines, things that slipped editors’ eyes. The next time you flipped through a magazine, take a closer look, you might spot one if you are lucky.

Missing leg. We love Veronica Kay, but the missing leg is not sexy.
Text overlapping. Designer forgotten to wip the milk off the hand?
Chopped off hand. Bad Photoshop smudging.
High School Musical 2 with extra hands.
Unprofessional work. A 2 dollars not worth spending for.
Thigh Anxiety.
Bad shadow.
Belt wasn’t really connected.
Julianne Moore with a weird shoulder.
Bad image reflection from Apple
Vanishing back wheel.
Bad greenery tookver.
Third arm spotted.
Airplanes overwhelmed.
Where’s the belly button?
Yet another extra hands mistake.
Handbag removed.
Floating plate.
Seven fingers.

Another seven fingers.
Got extra two hands?
Headless basketball player
Bad copy and paste job.

Someone’s hiding but hands are exposed
Creepy extra hand.
Reflection at a lower storage capacity.

Uneven hands.
More hands.
Three legged man.
Nice models, bad Photoshop job.

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