Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful Electric Steampunk Motorbike by Tom Sepe

I wonder why people are crazy about steampunk things. I wonder and I can’t find a satisfying answer for that. Although, when I see some of those steampunk mods and designs I realize why some people are crazy about them. It is enough to say that they look awesome and what is more important, they look unique. This is Tom Sepe from West Oakland and that is his steampunk motorbike. He used a 1967 Tote-Gote frame to start building the bike about a year ago. But he decided to make it use electricity to power the engines instead of fuel. He used a 15 HP electric motor but he had some troubles with placing batteries, he had to modify and enlarge the frame in order to find some additional space for them.As you can see, he did some pretty respectful work in designing some details of this bike so it looks like it is from 18th century or similar. I am sure no one in his town has a bike like that and it seem Stepe enjoys riding that electric steampunk thing.

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