Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful MINI Cooper Advertising

Collection of the most unique and creative MINI Cooper advertising campaigns from all over the world.

MINI Billboard

Two curved palm trees used to create an illusion of speed and power.
MINI Cooper Yo-Yo

Real MINI Cooper placed on the side of a building moves up and down, just like a yo-yo.
MINI Drives on Water

Jet Ski converted into a MINI Cooper so it looks like the car is driving on water.
MINI Cooper in a Box

Creative outdoor advertising features a real MINI Cooper in a box.
MINI Headlights Billboard

Cool billboard with cleverly places lights promotes MINI in Toronto.
MINI Cooper Rickshaws

MINI converted into human powered bicycle rickshaw in China.
MINI Personalized Billboard

Billboard in San Francisco identifies approaching MINI drivers by using a signal from a radio chip embedded in their key fobs.
MINI Cooper Magazine Ad

When the wrapper of the magazine is removed, the roof of the MINI Cooper is removed as well.

MINI Cooper Ski Lift Ad

Real MINI Cooper placed on a ski lift at the Molina ski resort.
MINI Cooper Billboard

Life-size MINI Cooper hung on a billboard.
MINI Cooper Vending Machine

Real building was turned into a giant MINI Cooper vending machine.
MINI Cooper Train Station Ad

Cool advertising placed at the train station in Zurich gives the impression that people are going in and coming out of the MINI Cooper.

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