Thursday, February 11, 2010

12 Craziest Masks Ever

Obama Sleep Mask
YES WE CAN! You voted for him, here he is. Now you can see Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, even when you are asleep.
Cthulhu Ski Mask
LiveJournal blogger Archmage got his wife to crochet him this Cthulhu ski mask for a recent sci-fi-themed costume party.
Mickey Mouse Gas Mask
The United States Army Chemical Museum has a very special gas mask, a Mickey Mouse mask ! This mask was produced early in 1942 to protect children in case of a chemical attack against the United States.

Emoticon Mask
The Mask Of Emotion exchanges facial expressions for digital emotions. If you weren't easy to read before, now people should have no problems discerning your emotion. Designed by the Digital Media Design Department at Hongik University in Korea, the Mask Of Emotion mimics your facial expressions and translates them into LED pixel emoticons. If you frown, the mask changes the LED design to a slanted frown as it sees fit.

Motorcycle Riding Mask

The Calavera Loca Motorcycle Riding Mask is a completely hand-made, leather mask. It is designed as a motorcycle riding mask to protect your lower face from wind, bugs and rocks while not pressing up against your mouth. This mask allows for easy breathing and others can even hear you when you talk!

Terminator make-up mask
This prosthetic Terminator make-up mask (complete with LED for that glowing eye effect!) was created by Joe Slatter of The Dark Power.

Knitted Gas Mask

Craftster's Teriyakimoto knitted this (non-functional) gas-mask hat for work and play (e.g., "Hey, honey, let's play stern-but-soft air-raid warden and recalcitrant claustrophobe!"). Teriyakimoto plans on using it as a bicycling hat during the long winter months.

Pikachu Ski Mask
It was getting cold, so Deviant Art member =Sugarcoatidli3z who is a Pikachu fan decided to crochet this convertible ski mask inspired in the famous yellow cartoon character.

Joker Ski Mask
This $17 Joker Ski Mask from Amazon is pretty sketchy, even for a ski mask.

Designer Mask

These ‘elegant' masks by Spanish designer Carlos Diez were a hit at 2007 winter runaway show. Thank God it didn't become a trend.
Peacock Mask
These ‘elegant' masks by Spanish designer Carlos Diez were a hit at 2007 winter runaway show. Thank God it didn't become a trend.

Mummy Sleep Mask

People in your household may not give waking you out of a deep sleep a second thought, but they may hesitate just a bit when they see a mummy with glowing eyes staring at them. It is worth trying anything to get people to leave you alone, so this sleep mask would be a small price to pay.

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