Sunday, April 12, 2009

Play Scrabble at 7 Most Scariest Places

UNTIL now, the word “extreme” was simply a great score in Scrabble – now it’s a whole new way to play the word game that is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

For as these daredevils show, Extreme Scrabble involves playing the game in the scariest places on – and above – Earth.

The name Scrabble comes from the Dutch word Schrabbelan, meaning to claw or to scrape, and over 150million sets have been produced in the game’s 60-year history.

An estimated 30,000 games begin every hour, and there are over 400 Scrabble clubs around the world. The game is produced in over 29 languages, the latest of which is Welsh.

Below are some extreme vanues to play the Scrabble, however it’s not for ordinary people.

Dangerous game … two people risk life and limb to play Scrabble near alligators in Florida, USA

Shark-ing score … two deep sea divers play scrabble on a sunken ship off the coast of the Bahamas surrounded by Caribbean Reef Sharks

Game couple … gamekeepers Kevin Richard and Helga van der Merwe play Scrabble in the company of lionesses Meg and Amy in South Africa

Highest score wins … climbers Jon Ratcliffe and Steve Franklin play on a ledge over the sea-cliff of Castell Helen in Anglesey, North Wales

Ice one, girls … models Nicola Graham (left) and Bim Hargreaves play Scrabble in an ice cave in New Zealand

Freezy does it … Extreme Scrabble near Mt Cook, New Zealand

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