Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful and Creative High Speed Photography

High speed photography can be described as the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena. It allows photographers to “freeze time” and capture spectacular images.

This post features 20 beautiful examples of high speed photography.
Petrified Rose by GS Imagery
Last Crayon Standing by Alan Sailer
Apple Deep Splash by Starmag
Last M&M Standing by Alan Sailer
Orange Juice by Richard Dumoulin
Strawberries and Milk
Apple by Jasper Nance

Scientific Breakthrough by Jasper Nance
High Speed Photography by Aksveer
Sugar Balls and Globe
Lemon by Jasper Nance
Rose by GS Imagery
Water Fun by Richard Dumoulin
Tomato Juice by Alan Sailer
Tea by Najwa A
Lights Out by James Neeley
Astro-Science Workshop by Josefrancisco Salgado
Strawberries on Black by Rich Legg
Water Ballon vs. Airsoft BB by ttstam

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