Sunday, February 22, 2009

Modern Soap and Creative Soap Designs

Modern soap and creative soap designs from all over the world.Soap Leaves
The soap is made through a process in which soap resin is mixed with a secret Thai formula, then hand poured over a dried and cured lattice-like frame of real mango tree leaves to form individual soaps of unmatched exquisiteness
Sony Playstation Controller Soap
Creative replica soap of a Sony Playstation controller scented with juicy watermelon.
Cupcake Soap
None of these are edible, they are all for you bath pleasures!
Soap Mouse
Double click your body to cleanliness with the soap mouse.
Lemon Soap
This creative soap not only looks like a lemon, but it also has the essence of a lemon inside!
Rose Soap
Ultra-realistic long stemmed rose soaps can hardly be told apart from the real thing.
Banana Soap
Realistic looking banana shaped soap by Crazy K Bath and Body.
Soap Ring
Creative soap rings from Nancy Wu disappear when they are used.
Gmail Soap
Unusual Google Gmail “the cleanest soap” from Russia.
Each LEGO soap set comes with 8 lego soap bricks in each bag. Each soap is scented and colored. There are some that come clear or white.

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