Friday, January 9, 2009

14 of The Funniest Sport Moments You’ve Ever Seen

We all love sports, don’t we? There are always some moments [intentional or unintentional ;)] that are so funny that we can’t help but start laughing. Here is a list of 14 of the funniest sports moments.

1. What’re You Looking At?
His attention is somewhere else!
2. Ouch!

That must have hurt.
3. Ouch! (2)
Straight in the face.

What’s with the expression?
5। Sucka

He didn’t see that coming.
6. “Exploration”

Somebody’s in the mood to “explore”!
7 Olympic “Bull”

Don’t mess with me
8 “Karate” Kick
Locked in position
9. I Iz Sad
Sad guy
10. Err?
Seeing is believing, right?
11. Mr Long Legs
Peter Crouch has really long legs. Don’t piss him off.
12. “Eating” the Ball
You’re not supposed to eat it…
13. Oh, SH*T!

Okay now.. this guy has some serious bowel issues!
14. Ouch 3
Flattened his face.

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