Friday, November 21, 2008

TOP 10 Bad Ass Grandmas

Grandmas are usually defined by their sweetness, frailty and willingness to give us free Werther’s Originals candy. But not all grannies…these are the TOP 10 Bad Ass Grandmas
Not a fan of the Gators, but I’m a fan of this granny.
Might not be my thing, but good for you granny
Leader of the revolution. Bring it bitches
Glaucoma my ass, this granny just wants to get her smoke on. Puff, puff, pass grandma!
In mother Russia, grandma don’t mess around.
It doesn’t matter the age, you never know when you’ve had too much.
This is a gang of grannies you do not cross. Though it does look more like a gang of grandpas in drag.
While I do not support terrorism, I do support grandmothers wielding rocket launchers. That is hardcore.
Conan ain’t got nuthin’ on this granny. When you’re a hundred, let’s see you swing around a broadsword equaling your body weight.
You can take this grandma’s gun when you tear it from her cold, dead hands. Which may be sooner than later. But until then, I’d keep your distance because that is a granny with an AK.

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